Circulon Cookware Set Review

At last, cookware that works and looks great.  I am excited to talk about this cookware called Circulon.  Finally, there is a set of cookware that allows food to stay juicy from their own natural juices, no more adding fat.  The bronze color makes Circulon perfect for any kitchen décor, it looks good, while being a great addition to your cooking.

I love to cook, so I am always on the lookout for the newest product for the kitchen.  Unfortunately, I’ve been burned a time or two, and it was not with heat.  I’ve learned my lesson, research, and then research some more.  Well, I’ve done that on the Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set Bronze Exterior Stainless Steel Base

by Circulon.  At first glance, the appearance of this cookware catches your eye.  It is sleek, modern, in a very attractive bronze color, and just very good looking as far as cookware goes.  Certainly not the oldpot2 fashioned  pots and pans from years gone by.  Circulon is known for its total food release system, so I had to explore what exactly is making this new technology so popular and sought after.  Circulon has the unique patent on this system, so when you decide on a purchase, be sure you look to Circulon.

The food release system is what really sold me on this cookware,   It features raised nonstick circles inside the cookware.  The concept and science behind this is to lessen the cooking utensils contact with the nonstick surface of the pan.  It’s very common to buy new cookware, and in a month you notice all the scratches and divots that come from the utensils,  the raised circles should really prove to be a plus factor.  After all, we want to know that we can have continued use of cookware without sacrificing quality.  Another bonus for sure is the healthiest cooking you can accomplish with Circulon.  We all know added fats, oils, and butter are not good for us, but we use it to to prevent those eggs from sticking and becoming a nightmare to remove from the pan, not to mention the scraping and cleaning of the pan afterwards.  That concern is virtually gone with Circulon.  It has a true nonstick surface, which combined with the raised circle finish means no added oils or butter are needed.  At last, you can cook healthy foods that actually taste good.  The DuPont Autograph Technology.

circulon-premier-professional-potYou will not need to be concerned about the combatability of Circulon with your particular cooking range.  Circulon has a stainless steel base, which makes it ideal for all cooking surfaces.  It’s also oven safe up to 400 degrees, so if you need to brown meat first, you can use the same pan and transfer it to the oven, cooking just got easier.   The Circulon lids have a stainless steel rim, and features shatter resistant tempered glass, so you can see your delicious creations as they cook.  The lid also seals and locks in moisture, so you can expect extra juicy and tender  creations that cook in their own natural juices.   Back to the appearance that certainly deserves a second glance.  The unique bronze color really adds to the great looks of Circulon Cookware.  The color is sure to complement any kitchen décor, and looks great hanging from a pot rack.  Healthy cookware, that is durable and long lasting, and looks beautiful, almost sounds too good to be true.  However, in the case of Circulon it’s not, you can have it all.  We no longer have to choose durability, practicality and style, this cookware really has it all.  Circulon is priced reasonably, especially considering that it will outlast most other competitively priced cookware.  It’s easy to see why Circulon is gaining popularity, regardless of cooking skill level, it will be a plus for anyone that uses cookware in their kitchen.  Circulon also has a site devoted to recipes that will get you started on the track to healthy, yet tasty cooking for the entire family.

Healthy cooking, durable,  long lasting, and pleasing to the eye, what’s not to love?  Circulon is available at a number of retailers, including many stores that sell quality cookware.   Refer to the Circulon website for frequently asked questions, or to see where you can purchase Ciculon cookware.  Happy, and healthy cooking!

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