T-Fal Cookware Set Review

The  T-fal Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Induction Base Cookware Set is simply an amazing addition to any kitchen.  If you are looking for a replacement to your dated cookware set you need look no further.  This would also make a great as a housewarming or wedding gift, or if you are looking to delight the avid cook in your life, or simply upgrade your experience in the kitchen.  You deserve to cook with one of the highest rated cookware sets on the market.  The exterior of the set is a beautiful, and traditional, black color which will match any home decor.

This cookware set includes the following items:

  • 8-inch frying pan perfect for frying up smaller meals or steaks
  • 10.25 inch frying pan perfect for creating larger meals or one pan recipes
  • 1 quart sauce pan and a 3 quart sauce pan both with matching covers which are perfect for whipping up a batch of pasta, rice, or a delicious soup
  • 3 quart strainer
  • 5 quart dutch over which perfectly accomodates larger meals and helps lock in moisture and flavor when you are cooking roasts or whole chickens
  • As an added bonus the set includes the egg wonder, which is the perfect size for frying an egg
  • The set also include two nylon utensils for easy cooking and serving.


This cookware set is innovative in both construction and design.  The set is constructed of aluminum which is ideal for conducting, transferring, and retaining heat.  The interior of all of the pots and pans are coated in T-fal’s Prometal Pro non stick coating, a coating is that has been specifically designed for both durability and the ability to withstand high heat.  Unlike most non-stick pans the Prometal Pro non-stick interior is so durable and scratch resistant that it allows you to use any utensils you would like, including metal utensils, without fear of damage.  Furthermore, the T-fal Thermospot built into the center of the pans gives you a visual aid to let you know when the pan has been properly preheated.  The proper preheating of pans allows you to sear the outside of meats before continuing the cooking process which helps lock in the flavor.   Never again will you begin cooking with a pan that simply isn’t hot enough to do the task correctly.

The exterior of the pans are seated in a stainless steel induction compatible base.  This means that the cookware is compatible with any heating method you choose; gas, electric, or induction.  An added bonus to the stainless steel induction plate is that it heats the entire pot or pan evenly.  You won’t have to deal with any hot or cold spots while cooking, your food will come out evenly cooked and delicious.  The set is also all oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means you can transfer a meal you’ve begun prepping on the stove top to the oven to finish cooking.  This is a technique used regularly for finishing steaks, or preparing a delicious roast after you’ve seared the surface of the meat to keep the flavor and moisture in.

T-fal has mated this cookware set with silicon wrapped handles for ease of use and handling.  The silicone handles transfer less heat, and are much more comfortable during periods of extended use.  The handles themselves are riveted to the base of the pots and pans which is also advantageous in the reduction of heat transfer from the cooking surface to your hand.  This same design is integrated into all of the lids for this set.  This means that you won’t have to worry about burning your hand when you remove the lid from a pot, or pick up a pan, that has been used for cooking for an extended period of time.

Thanks to T-fal’s non stick, non chipping, cooking surface and overall quality design these pots and pans are a breeze to clean.  The food will slide right off after cooking and since you are using less oil to cook, with the non stick technology, there is less of a mess in, and around, the cookware to clean.  Also, each piece of this set is dishwasher safe, which means you can spend more time enjoying your meal and the company of friends and family instead of spending time in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal.

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